DIY Project: Fabric Buckets

The problem with having lots of plants inside your house is that while in the summer these plants get enough sunshine and water content from the outside. in the winter they get neglected. In the winter it is hard to provide the right balance of water and sunlight to the plants and as a result of many plants simply get damaged beyond any repair.

In order to solve this problem for the indoor plants, we have come up with the DIY project Fabric Buckets. These fabric buckets are going to provide for the right balance of water for your plants.

These fabric buckets are a little tricky to make but are nothing that no one can make either.


Materials required for the DIY project, Fabric bucket are as follows.

  • Outer fabric (you can choose the patterned fabric)
  • Calico fabric which should be stiff for ironing
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron


Follow these instructions to the letter for the DIY fabric buckets and to help along the way we have also placed in a helpful step by step pictures.

Step 1:-

Cut out the outer fabric and the inner lining in equal rectangular forms. If you happen to have a special pot, then measure the diameter for the pot from its top and then add 1 inch to this measurement. Then multiply the whole measurement by 4 and you will be left with a length of the required fabric.

For calculating the height of the fabric bucket, measure the height of your pot and then add it to half for the diameter. Add 3 inches to the earlier measurement and this will leave you with the width for the fabric.

Lay all of the pieces of fabric on their right side as they face each other. Place pins in the edges to hold them in place and sew around it all the way while only leaving one of the corners open.

Step 2:-

Turn this sewn fabric inside out and now the patterned side will be visible. Now with the help of the iron, press all the edges down.

Step 3:-

Pin the open corner while folding the raw edges under it. Sew along this edge. The edge is going to be well hidden inside the fabric bucket, so there is no need to worry even if the sewing is not perfect.

Step 4:-

Fold your fabric in lengthwise only half while keeping your patterned fabric side inside the fold. Insert pins on the two sides of the corner that you sewed up earlier.

Now sew along the 2 edges and afterward cut away any of the excessive fabric across this corner.

Step 5:-

Make the measurement of the fabric from the seamed side to the fold and divide the resultant number to half and write it down on a piece of paper.

Step 6:-

What you are now left with is an inside out bag which is handless. Grab both of the sides of this bag from the top and pull them apart. The seam would be lining together in perfect position.

Step 7:-

Take your measuring tape and place it over the corner point of the seam until it reaches the number which we had recorded earlier. Draw a line across this length to make a triangle shape. Turn over the fabric and do the same measuring and marking on the opposite corner.

Step 8:-

Sew along these lines and turn your bag inside out and you will now have the final product; a bucket in square shape.

Turn over the top of the fabric bucket to hold the pots and now place your pots inside. You can also use these fabric buckets for placing your knitting needles, yarn or more fabric.

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