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DIY Project: Geometric Clay Card Holders

The summer is about to end with the fall nearly upon us and with that, the season of thanksgiving will be soon here. We love to use colors and fragrant aromatics to set up those warm tables for our guests on the warm thanksgiving dinner. Today we would like to share a simple DIY project, Geometric Clay Card holders that will celebrate the passing of the summer with small sprigs of rosemary.

This DIY project is a little tricky but is not something that no one can complete with a little effort. For let’s gets started with making these Geometric Clay Card holders now.


Materials required making the DIY project, Geometric clay card holders are simple enough can be bought from any crafting store. The materials needed are as follows.

  • Air-dry clay
  • Simple tools for working on clay
  • Crown colored Card Stock paper
  • Metallic Sharpie markers
  • Scissors
  • Rosemary plant


One thing you need to remember working on this project is to not get too meticulous with it. Simply try to have a little fun with the flow of things and all will be alright.

Step 1:-

First place a sheet of the parchment paper or the cutting board for a surface to work on. Take out some of the air-dry clay and roil it around to form a ball shape which is a little bigger in size than a golf ball.

Step 2:-

Now is the fun part of forming the geometric shapes on these clay balls. You will need your imagination and a little bit of knowledge from your high school math class to start forming these geometric shapes on these clay balls. If there are creases or cuts in your clay pieces then use a piece of a sponge which is lightly dampened to remove them. After you are done forming the geometric designs on these clay pieces, set them aside for drying.

Step 3:-

After the clay get a little dry; a little dampen to hold but not too sticky, use a kidney scraper from your kitchen and create a place for the card slot. Right beside this card holder space, carve in a small hole for placing the rosemary sprig. For making the hole, we used the metal point and then inserted in it a toothpick to let it retain its shape as the clay was drying.

Step 4:-

Allow for the clay to dry for an hour. After the hour, the clay should be completely dried up from the outside while being still dampened from the inside. Now with the help of a knife start cutting in the geometric shapes in a precise manner. After the cuts are made, place the clay shapes aside to dry up more.  This will usually take 24 hours.

As a tip, we would like to mention, that after drying, few of the clay pieces often have little cracks as well. You can cover these cracks up with some more dry clay and a wooden smoother and fill those cracks up. But you are also going to need some more time to mallow them drying.

Step 5:-

After the cracks are filled, and the clay has dried up nicely, use sandpaper and even out the rough edges. Doing this will remove any rough spots and the small bumps from the clay.

Step 6:-

For creating the place cards, cut some brows stock paper and add some gold and copper outlines along with Sharpie marker to create the holiday shimmer.

Step 7:-

Cut out a few small sprigs from the rosemary plant and place in these card holders.

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