DIY Project: Hanging Plant Lamp

Things such as lighting fixtures do not always take the priority when it comes to the décor of a house. The reason is simple because there are a lot of other things that takes precedent over them such as the furniture, artwork or rugs. However, the DIY project we present today is surely going to change the home décor game for you and will tell you that a simple object that has been overlooked for such a long time can become a start of the room décor.

This is the DIY project, hanging plant lamps and the idea behind this project is to look for more ways to adding plants inside your home. For this project we combined the ideas of a hanging planter with a pendant lamp and viola, you get a two in one thing; the hanging Plant Lamp. Not only will this give some light to the dark part of the room but also allow the light loving plants to spend some time in the light as well.

So what do you say, should we get on with the DIY project, Hanging Plant Lamp? Well, seeing how great this project is, we are taking a start on it anyways.


Materials required for the DIY project, Hanging Plant Lamp are as follows.

  • 2 similar round bowls
  • A wood block
  • Thine Wire
  • Lighting Fixture such as an LED bulb or a socket
  • Drill
  • Two types of drill bits; one for the lap cord and other for wire holes
  • Pliers


Step by step easy instructions for the DIY project, Hanging Plant Lamp are as follows.

Step 1:-

The first step is to drill a hole for the main cord. Place your top bowl on the wooden block and drill for a hole in the center of it to pass the cord.

Step 2:-

Now is the step for drilling holes for the adjacent wires. Change your drill bit and drill for 3 new holes for passing the wires. Perform the same drilling process for the bottom bowl as well.

The holes should be made in the places as shown in the picture down below.

Step 3:-

Take your thine wire and cut three equal lengths of it for passing through the three holes you drilled prior. These wires should be cut in the length that you would like the lamp to be hanging at a distance away from the ceiling.

Step 4:-

Thread your thine wire pieces through the three holes of the top bowl first.

Step 5:-

Now is the part for combing the bottom and the top bowl. For this, you need to thread the wire through both the top and the bottom hole. Then twist these wires to secure both the bowls in place.


Your lamp is ready, simply add in some soil and your favorite plant and then have it aging by the ceiling.  The middle hole will provide for the place to pass the lighting fixture.

This Hanging lamp can not only be used for placing plants but can also be used for being a sassy storage for the bobs and bits as well. As thine wire is extremely small in width, this hanging lamp will create an illusion that is going to be easy to the eyes.

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