DIY Project: Leaf Catchall

How necessary do you think catchalls for a household? In pour opinion, they are quite an important item to have in a house as you will always have the keys, some loose change and the jewelry that needs to be organized in one place. For all these purposes and things, catchalls are the only thing that can keep them secured in one place. Well, the possibilities of using the catchalls are nearly unlimited like using them for as the candle stand.

key on leave

While you can buy a catchall from the market, but what about your own uniquely made catchall that will add to the décor of the room as well? If you have that thought then for you we present your own unique DIY project, a leaf catchall. The great thing about this project is that it is not only to make but for the leafy design of the catchall, you can make use of the leaves that are free of cost, literally!

candle on leave

All you are going to need is some dry clay and a leaf for design and a little bit of craftwork to make your very own leafy catchall. So what do you, Should we get started on the DIY project, Leaf catchall? Let us take the initiative for you, read down below on how to make the DIY Leaf Catchall.



Following are the materials required to DIY project leaf catchall.

  • Leaves
  • Dry Clay
  • Roller
  • Craft knife
  • Gloss Varnish
  • Paint Brush

Step 1:-

Start by taking a small piece of the dry clay and roll it out to make it flat and really thin. The thinner this clay piece is, the easier it is for you to make the lifelike leafy design over the catchall. Still, be sure not to roll it out quite a thing as the leaf will go right through the clay upon imprinting.

dry clay

Step 2:-

Now take your desired leaf for design imprinting and place it over the clay piece. Keep all the edges of the leaf inside the clay area.

desired leaf

Step 3:-

Again make use of the roller to gently press this leaf over the clay so it can be placed over it evenly. After pressing it, peel this leaf off of the clay piece and the design pattern f the leaf will be imprinted over the clay.

 roller to gently press this leaf over

Step 4:-

Now take out that craft knife and carefully cut off the excess pieces of the clay away from the leaf design on the clay. Be sure to rest the hand properly in cutting so that the pattern is not destroyed.

 craft knife  craft knife

Step 5:-

Lift this clay comprised of the leafy design and carefully place it inside a bowl. Placing it in a bowl will allow the clay piece to have those natural curve edges like that of a leaf. Let this clay leaf sit in the bowl for the night. Before taking out the leaf from the bowl, be sure that it is hardened completely.  Now take out the leaf and turn both the leaf and the bowl’s bottom side up and place the leaf on the bottom side of the bowl. This will allow for the downward side of this clay leaf to dry well while maintaining its shape.

leaf in bowl

Step 6:-

After the clay gets dried up completely, paint a few layers of the glossy varnish over the clay leaf which will protect it from getting stained or damaged. Give time for each varnish layer to dry off until you paint the other one.

Paint Leaf

Rings on clay leaf

Blew we present a few uses of this DIY project, leaf catchall like sing them for placing your keys, arranging your jewelry times o even sing them as a votive. The choice is yours to make.  Candle on Clay leaf

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