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DIY Project; Menorah pattern Place Cards

Place cards are a great item for any party as it saves the guest from the trouble of asking the host where to sit and the guest from telling every guest their place in the seating area. As Hanukkah is also right along the side with the Christmas, we decided to prepare for it as well. This is why we came up with these Menorah pattern Place Cards. For making the Menorah pattern, we used the plywood of birch veneer.




Supplies required for making these Menorah pattern Place Cards are as follows.

  • Plywood square of Birch veneer of about ¼ inches width that is cut in dimensions 4*4 inches
  • Embossing Heat tool
  • Silver embossing powder
  • Embossing ink pad
  • Menorah stamp
  • White card stock
  • A writing instrument like a Sharpie
  • Foam tape with double sides
  • Scissors


Step 1:-

Let us sort by preparing the Menorah stamp. Go ahead and apply this embossing ink onto the pad by firmly pressing it on the ink pad.


Step 2:-

Now place this stamp on the top center of the birch veneer plywood square and then firmly press it down to let it have the ink stamp on it.


Step 3:-

Now take the silver embossing order and sprinkle it over the stamped Menorah impression generously. After a while shake the rest of the powder off of the plywood square.


Step 4:-

Now start up that embossing heat tool and use it for heating the stamped area.  Be sure to keep this heating tool at least 3 inches away from the area which is stamped and has silver embossing powder smeared on it. The heating tool will allow for the embossing powder to set in the stamp pattern and as it will happen, the powder will change its color.


Step 5:-

Now cut the white card stock for 2 * ½ inches dimensions rectangle and then use the scissors to snip the V shape on both ends of this card stock rectangle.


Step 6:-

Write the name of the guest on this card stock rectangle and then use the double-sided foam to attach this name flag on the Menorah pattern plywood square.

Make as many of these Menorah pattern Place Cards as you guest coming to your party. As you can see, this whole process only takes about a few minutes to complete so you can make a whole lot of them in only half an hour.


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