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DIY Project; Minimalist Backpack

Have you ever been troubled while going out where to keep all your belongings like the wallet, your smartphone or a laptop and the keys? Well, if you are troubled with all these problems, then worry no more, as we bring the DIY Minimalistic Backpack for you. This minimalistic backpack will solve all your troubles and is really easy to decorate. Did we tell you about how you will save a lot of money on making one of these? Well, you would be saving a lot.




The following are the materials needed for the Diy minimalistic backpack.

  • A heavy material like Canvas or linen
  • Rotary blade
  • Ruler
  • Sewing pins
  • Scissors
  • Sewing thread
  • Fabric ink
  • Paintbrush
  • Grommet kit with 3/3 inches grommets.
  • A cotton clothesline of no. 7 & 7/32” dia.


Step 1:-

Cut 2 pieces of your fabric in lengths 12 x 11.5” and 31 x 11.5”. The longer length piece of fabric will be for the main backpack body whereas the smaller piece will make up for the pocket.

Press and then sew the .5” seam for the smaller fabric and then folding the fabric piece twice on the bottom of the main fabric and the top of the backpack’s pocket fabric as shown in figure down below.


Step 2:-

Stamp a design of your liking onto the backpack’s pocket.  We went with a simple geometric pattern design which we made by cutting a piece of carving block in a triangle shape.


Step 3:-

Measure about 12 inches from the sewed end of the main fabric and fold and score it with the fingernail to form a crease. This will be the bottom of the backpack. Press the .5” seam on the bottom of the pocket and line the 2 seams by putting the pocket on top of the main piece’ rights side. Pin them in place and then sew along its seam.


Step 4:-

Add 4 grommets on the 4 corners of the backpack’s main fabric piece. Measure 1-inch from the top and the bottom and then 1.5’ inwards from its sides. For finding the top edge, fold the fabric over these pockets and measure it with the fingernail. Now, simply add the hardware of the grommets kit as per the instructions of the package.


Step 5:-

Fold your backpack with its right sides facing towards you and then sew a .5” seam from its top pockets down to each side.


Step 6:-

Flip the backpack inside out and the top flaps will be turning in on their own. Press them down with iron and fold them twice. The seam will appear where flaps will meet with pockets. Sew around 3 sides of the flap.


Step 7:-

Cut a cotton cord of about 53 inches in length and fold it in half to create a loop and pass it through the bottom grommet. Now run this cord out of the top grommet and then tie a knot and lace through the hoops. Tie the loop tightly and your minimalist backpack is ready to carry your phone, wallet, and keys.


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