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DIY Project; Printed Table Runner

If you are someone who likes the sound of fabric painting and printing then we have a great project for you today. The name of our project is the Printed Table runner where we will convert and ordinary plain-looking table runner into a unique piece. The best thing about the printed table runner project of ours is that we made use of an unusual item to create a printed art on it and you can never guess it; it’s a Potato. So let us show you how to make this printed table runner.



The materials needed for the creation of this printed table runner are as follows. The only thing that is going to be expensive is the paints whereas all the other items can be found in nearly any home.

  • Acrylic Paint: 4 colors
  • Acrylic Textile Medium
  • Cotton Table runner which is plain
  • 1 large potato
  • Sharp knife
  • Mixing bowls
  • Old spoon
  • Paintbrush
  • Newspaper to protect the working surface from the paint spill
  • Iron
  • An old t-shirt or a piece of spare fabric


Step 1:-

Take the potato and cut it carefully into two equal halves. Place the flat side of one potato half down on a surface and cut it in half once more.  Dab this cut piece dry with some old cloth.

Step 2:-

Bring out your plain cotton table runner and place it on the surface securely.

Step 3:-

Mix the paints and as for the textile medium, it should be mixed in equal parts to the paint. For example; we used 2 spoons of the acrylic black paint and added in it 2 spoons of the textile medium, which means 1 spoon of paint and 1 spoon of textile medium. You can also mix them all at once which will make them stay wet for a long time.


Step 4:-

Paint color of your choice first on the potato and place it over the fabric. Be sure to apply some pressure to let the paint sink into the fabric.  Lift and repeat this process until you have completed the design on the fabric.


Step 5:-

After you are done printing the table runner with a design of your liking, let the paint on fabric dry up completely and then iron it. Set the iron on a high setting without any steam for ironing the fabric.

A tip here is to first place a spare piece of fabric over the printed table runner and iron over it. Once it is done remove the fabric and iron the printed table runner directly but on the backside of it.


Also, do not worry if your pattern does not look too perfect. Perform a little experimenting with the designs and in no time you will have the desired results.


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