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DIY Project; Stamped Napkins For Winter

The holidays are soon going to be here and now you have to come up with new ways to decorate the house as well as plan for new decorations for the parties. With all that is going to be taking your time from wrapping the presents to doing the shopping, you will not have enough time to come up for something decorative for the big Holiday dinner. Well, we have got your solution; a DIY Stamped napkin.

You only need to take a simple and plain piece of napkin and use some paint and some stamps to turn the ordinary napkins into Stamped napkins. These will surely be admired by your guests. Heck, you can even dole them out as gifts to anyone you care about too.




There is nothing much needed to make the stamped napkins for the winter and the materials that are needed are as follows.

  • Winter theme stamps
  • Fabric paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Plain napkins
  • Iron
  • Cardboard


As we said earlier, this is a simple DIY project and does not require much effort. Still, in order to make the Diy project a whole lot easier for you, follow the following steps.

Step 1:-

Place the piece of cardboard on a surface and then lay your napkin over it that you will be stamping. The cardboard is being used to ensure that all the areas of napkins get properly stamped when the stamp is pushed down on them.


Step 2:-

Paint the winter theme stamps with the fabric paint of your choice. We went with yellow and blue color but you can choose multiple colors if you like.  But be sure to cover the stamping side with enough paint so it can cover the entire stamp design.


Step 3:-

Push the stamp down onto the napkin and then paint the stamp once more and repeat until you get a nice little pattern over the napkin.


Step 4:-

Set the iron on cotton setting and then iron over the stamped area after it has dried to let the ink set in perfectly.

There you go; you stamped napkins are ready to be used on the big holiday dinner table. Be sure that your guests are going to be talking about these napkins for the next big dinner party. Try different stamps to get great results or be creative like using them on the clothes as well.


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