DIY Project: Tissue Paper Art

If your house is lacking in art then we have a fun little project for adding to the decor of your house. This is the DIY project, Tissue paper art. As you heard it, it requires the use of the colored tissue papers to make this art. All you need to do is to fix some of the tissue paper strips of different cuttings and sizes and attach them onto a piece of cardboard and then fit in a frame to complete.




The materials needed for the tissue paper art DIY project are as follows. All of these times can be bought easily from a craft store at a relatively cheap price.

  • Tissue paper
  • Decoupage adhesive
  • Paper
  • Frame
  • Paintbrush


Follow the down below instruction for making this tissue paper art. If you have difficulty with any of the steps in this Diy project, see the pictures for each step.

Step 1:-

Gather a few of the tissue papers of different colors. Tear them gently to create different shapes and in different sizes. Be sure that the longest of these tissue paper cutting does not exceed the size of the frame. It is best to experiment with tissue paper cuttings.


Step 2:-

After you are happy with your tissue paper cuttings and a rough design to have as an art, then spread the decoupage adhesive on the back of these tissue papers with the help of a paintbrush.  Be quick to attach these tissue papers as the glue tends to dry up really fast.


Step 3:-

Place this tissue paper in the design that you have in mind on a piece of paper or cardboard that is of the same size as the frame. In order to remove any bubbles in the tissue appear, be sure to smooth it out with the hand.


Step 4:-

For making sure that all of the tissue paper edges are secure in the place, give the tissue paper a stroke of decoupage glue once more on its top with a paintbrush.


Step 5:-

Now keep on adding other layers of colorful tissue papers in a design that you like. In order to create a translucent effect for the overlapping tissue paper cuttings, add a little bit of extra decoupage glue on the overlapping area. This will allow for the color of the tissue paper down below to be more visible.


Step 6:-

After you are done placing these tissue papers and the design is completed, seal any of the edges that feel loose and then let the glue dry.  Insert this picture art into the frame and then simply hang wherever you like in the house.


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