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DIY rubber lace coasters

If you are someone who loves their furniture and also love the decor for their dining preferences like colorful coasters for coffee mugs and glasses, then you are going to like our DIY project named DIY rubber laces coasters. We went a little bit unusual with our Diy project today as we used the rolls of the grip drawer lining which is made up of foam rubber. This material is not only non-adhesive but also easier to cut with a scissor. One other great thing about it is that it can be wiped off easily with a damp cloth which makes it to be a great material to be used as placemats and coasters.




The following supplies will be needed to make the DIY rubber lace coasters.

  • Scissors
  • Cutting mat
  • Grip drawer liner
  • Craft ole paper punch
  • Hammer


Step 1:-

The first step towards making the DIY rubber lace coasters is to find a circular shape ting to trace the good size of a coaster. Unroll the grip liner sheet and then trace that circle shape onto the back of the material.

Step 2:-

Find something else which is in a circular shape but has a small circumference and then center it in the bigger circle. Trace this as well on the back.

Step 3:-

Use the small circle as the guide for punching in 8 large holes and space them evenly along the circumference of the circle. For punching these holes, you need to place the hole-punch down on the surface of the materials and then tap it a little hard with a hammer. Then lift it p to see if there is a clean hole or not. If these materials have not come off fully, place the hole-punch down at the same place and then tap it a little bit harder once more with a hammer.


Step 4:-

Punch in 5 of the medium-sized holes around the large hole as if petals of the flower.

Step 5:-

Punch in the 2 small holes on either side of this flower shape you have punched in before along the circle’s line you had traced earlier.

Step 6:-

Now add the holes of the various sizes any place you like. This pattern can also vary for creating different patterns of lace.

Step 7:-

Use the scissors for cutting out the large circle shape. If you wish for a petal-shaped edge, then simply cut around the flowers you had punched earlier while leaving the space of about half an inch between the edge and the flowers.

Step 8:-

Repeat all of the steps 3 more times for making the 4 exact coasters or you can follow the same steps for making the different types of coasters.


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