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DIY Serving Tray of Pine Wood

Who here loves to have breakfast in the bed? Of course, all of us because it is one of those little pleasures of life. It does not matter that you are giving this breakfast to someone or the breakfast is being brought to you, it’s the moment of self-indulgence that what is behind the bedroom door makes it special.

Our choice of breakfast in the bed is to bring breakfast in a breakfast table with all the décor. It is extremely great to have something fresh and green cut out from the garden to be in this breakfast table alongside the napkins and other stuff. A serving tray is an essential item for bringing breakfast to the bed. Try showing your love and appreciation to your loved one with a subtle hint and occasionally remind yourself to have a slow enjoying breakfast with them occasionally.

As we said earlier, the essential for breakfast is the serving tray that can hold in all the things you need for a perfect feast to bed. Well, what can be greater than making the serving table yourself? This will surprise your loved one for sure. For that purpose, we bring the DIY Serving tray of pine wood.

The tray is not that hard to make but yes, it does take a little time on your part and a little bit of know-how with the tools. But you don’t have to worry about being alone in this process; we will guide you through the entire process with step illustrious pictures.

So what do you say, should we get started on the DIY Serving Tray of Pine wood.


Materials needed to make this Serving Tray of Pine wood, are as follows.

  • Pine wood sheet of ½ inches thickness
  • Wooden Dowel of ½ inches
  • Two cupboard handles
  • Saw
  • Drill
  • Wood glue
  • Felt
  • Sanding paper


The instructions to the DIY Serving tray of pine wood are as follows.

Step 1:-

The first step is to measure as well as mark the place where the holes for handles are needed for drilling. Keep these holes in the center of the wood and only 1 inch away from the edge. Make holes on both ends of the wood sheet.

Step 2:-

You need to drill the holes a little larger as compared to the screws but also a little smaller as compared to the stem diameter of the handles.

Step 3:-

Place the handles over these holes and screw them in tightly.

Step 4:-

Start measuring the 4*2 inches increments on the wooden dowel and mark them over it. For this marking, you need to be extremely accurate as this is the thing that will keep the tray leveled. With the help of a saw, cut through these dowel markings, this will leave you with 4 legs of the serving tray.

Step 5:-

Start sanding any of the rough edges of these dowel legs and then glue them securely on each corner of the tray on the opposite side which has the handles.

Step 6:-

Cut 4 circle pieces of the felt like the same size as the dowel and then attach these pieces on the end of the feet.

Let this tray in its entirety dry out for everything and in the morning you can load it up with all the nice things you need for the breakfast in bed for your loved one.

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