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DIY spool hooks

If you are someone who loves to collect the wooden spools form the yard sales or thrift shops, then you might know that they are of not much use. The thread on them, if any, is no longer of use because of being too brittle. You can only showcase these wooden spools in glass jars as a hobby. But we came up with a fun little DIY project we call DIY Spool Hooks. We actually made use of these wooden spools to make them appear as a hook stand to hang the old necklaces and other such ornaments with strings.




For making the Spool Hooks, you will need these following supplies.

  • Wooden spools: they can be with or without the embroidery thread
  • Drywall screws
  • Drill
  • Glue
  • Sheet of paper
  • Pencil
  • Thumbtacks


Step 1:-

The first thing you need to do is to check any of the loose threads in your wooden spools so they won’t get tangled with the necklaces you will later hang on them. Simply dab a little bit of glue on your finger and then dab it on these loose threads. Afterward, glue these loose threads to the rest of the thread on the wooden spools to make it less obvious.


Step 2:-

Now choose a piece of the paper that you think will fit best with the wall on which you will place these wooden spool hooks. Lay this paper on the flat surface and then lay out your wooden spools, the way you are going to have them on the wall.


Step 3:-

Use the pencil to terrace around each of these wooden spools on the paper to make the layout of the whole thing. After doing that you will have a piece of paper with all kinds of circles from the wooden spools. Now find the middle of each of these circles and mark it with an X.


Step 4:-

Now is the step for attaching this piece of paper onto the wall and then make a piercing through each of these X marks with a thumbtack. Now remove the paper and you will see the place you need to drill on the wall.


Step 5:-

With the use of the appropriate drill bit, drill the starter holes that you had made with the thumbtacks.


Step 6:-

Now place your spools on each of these holes and fasten them in place with the appropriate drywall screws. Tighten these screws to secure your wooden spool hooks in place with a screwdriver.


Step 7:-

This is it; you now have a wall with spool hooks where you can hang your necklaces as well as neckties or ribbons.


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