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DIY Straw Coral table décor

If you happen to have lots of unused straws lying in your kitchen drawer collecting dust, then we have a DIY project we call DIY Straw Coral Table Décor. These ordinary-looking drinking straws actually have a lot of potentials to be sued as the awesome crafting items that can be really handy. The DIY straw coral table décor is the homemade coral centerpiece for the dinner table and it can also be used for making the napkin holders. The DIY straw coral table decor only requires the drying and stringing of straws which can be done on a lazy afternoon.



You will need the following materials for making the DIY straw coral table décor.

  • Drinking straws of plastic: 200
  • Elastic cord
  • Embroidery needle
  • Scissors
  • Cutting mat
  • White primer spray paint
  • Coral spray paint of the red color
  • Twig
  • Tea lights

Instructions for Coral Brach:-

Step 1:-

For making the coral Brach you will first need to paint the twig in white primer paint. After the first coat of paint is dried up, paint it once more with the coral red paint and let it dry up.


Step 2:-

As the twigs are drying up, cut about 100 of the drinking straws in half their length with the scissors. Use the X-Acto blade for making the list which is about half an inch longer in the middle of the straw. Be sure to pass through the sides of the straws for creating a perfect hole.

Step 3:-

Thread all of these straw pieces on the twig via the slit you have cut earlier. Push as many of the straws as you can onto the twig and then twist them a little in different directions. After the twig is covered with straws, cut these straws to different widths to make the shape of the coral.

Step 4:-

Spray paint this coral piece first with the white primer paint and then let it dry. Then turn it around and spray all of it evenly from the different angles.

Step 5:-

After the white primer paint is all dried up, paint it with the coral red paint and let it dry once more.

Step 6:-

Tuck in the tea lights in this coral centerpiece from the top.

Instructions For napkin Rings:

Step 1:-

As for making the straw napkin rings, you first need to thread the elastic cord through your embroidery needle for about 8 inches length of the cord.

Step 2:-

Pierce 30 of the drinking straws from the center and then thread them onto the cord. When all the straws or on the elastic cord, tie both ends of the cord with each other and make a knot twice for creating the elastic ring.


Step 3:-

Use the scissors for cutting the straws at the different widths and give a little twist around these straws so they are poking out of the angles.

Step 4:-

Spray this napkin rig with the white primer paint first from all the angles to cover the entire surface. After it dries up, coat the whole thing with the coral red paint and let it dry completely.


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