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DIY Swan Shaped Succulent Planters

If we say that succulents are one of the few varieties of the plants that we would like to have in our home, then we are not the only one who thinks that way. Everyone loves those cute little varieties of the succulent plants that add to a little greenery to our houses. Lately, we have come up with a great way of storing these small succulent plants inside the house. The way is to make the DIY Swan shaped succulent planters. Well, you might get confused on how to make these Swan shaped succulent planters, you don’t need to worry about it at all as it is much easier aiming them then you might think.

The miniature swans can be bought from almost any discounted store or a thrift store in all shapes and sizes. Seeing them in the shops you just might want to snatch them and up and our DIY project today will really make you buy a lot of them.

You can make the swan shaped succulent planters to lay out your own little garden of the succulent plants and lay them by your window sill to say one last bye to the spring. You can also try giving them out as a great gift to your guests when you invite them to your parties or you can gift them when going to somebody’s place.

Well, enough talk; let’s get on with making these great Swan shaped Succulent Planters.


Materials needed for the DIY Sawn Shaped Succulent Planters are as follows.

  • Plastic Swans
  • Gesso Primer
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes


Step by step instructions to making these swan shaped succulent planters are as follows.

Step 1:-

Start out by using the Gesso Primer and priming both the outside and the inside of the swans carefully to not leave any spot. Let the primer dry out completely before going to the next step.

Step 2:-

Take some paint and start painting your swans in any color you like. We have decided to paint our swans black and white over the dried up primer. After you have painted the swans, let the paint dry up for an hour.

Step 3:-

As for making the details like eyes and beaks for the swans, you need to use the fine paintbrush. We used the metallic nail polish for making those beaks and also let it dry for a few minutes.

Step 4:-

Now comes potting you little succulents in these swans.  Before potting the plants, we used a foil paper to line up the cavity to prevent the pants to be sitting on the painted inside of these swans. Another idea is to plant your succulents in small plastic containers with holes punched in the bottom to add drainage for the succulents and then place them in the swans.

Otherwise, simply poke a few holes on the bottom of the swans with the needle. If you don’t want the real live succulents you can also place the fake succulents inside these decorative swans.

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