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DIY Tea Lights made from Dyed Wheat

We are finding ourselves bored with those tiny tea lights as they are simple. We decided to spice things up a little bit to add a certain appeal and beauty to these tea lights. After racking up the brain a few times, we came upon this Diy project of Tea Light made from Dyed Wheat.

These tea lights made from dyed wheat are also a great way for adding a certain natural element to the area they are placed in and are also a festive touch. For the holiday dinner table, it will make up for a great display and you can send your friends home afterward with these little gifts of tea lights made from dyed wheat.




Supplies required for making these tea lights made from dyed wheat are as follows.

  • Tea lights that are battery operated and are in small containers; we recommend the flameless tea candles for obvious safety reasons.
  • Wheat
  • Twine
  • Glue Gun
  • Indigo Fabric Dye


We have actually divided this Diy tea light project into two portions but the essence and the work for making them both are the same.  For any problem in the DIYing process, we have laid down step by step instructions.

For making the undyed wheat tea candles:

Step 1:-

For making the undyed wheat tea candles, cut the wheat down to a size which works better for the height of the tea candle covering, About 2 inches taller than the candles would be the right fit.

Step 2:-

Add some hot glue on sides of the tea lights and then attach these wheat strips onto the glass of the candles directly.

Step 3:-

To keep the wheat strips secured in place, tie a length of twine which will also add to the natural look of the candles.


For making the dyed wheat tea candles:

Step 1:-

Mix the dye as per the instructions of the dye packaging in a small bowl and dip in it the wheat.

Step 2:-

Allow for the wheat to soak the due and then wait for it to dry up nicely. We allowed our wheat to let the dye set in for about 24 hours before using them to make tea lights.

Step 3:-

After the dye on wheat is completely dry, follow all the steps from the previous method. Cut the small 2 inches tall strips of dyed heat and then glue it on the glass directly. Secure these wheat strips with the twine.


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