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DIY test tube vases

If you are someone who loves both plants and science stuff like those little beakers and test tubes, then you are simply going to love our unique DIY project Test Tube Vases. These DIY test tube vases are so cute to look at and one imagines about the fact that all plants need is some water and a little space and they can practically grow anywhere.

For our DIY test tube vases, we used the test tubes for creating these bud vases and we recommend planting those delicate jasmine plats in them as the spring season is on its way.




You will need these following supplies for making the DIY test tube vases.

  • Wood stain
  • A block of wood; we used the 10-inch block with 4 by 4 cut
  • 3 test tubes
  • Electric drill
  • Wood-boring bit
  • Flowers


The whole DIY process for making these DIY test tube vases is really simple and is going to be over in 3 short steps. Still, for a better understanding of the method, we have laid down these 3 steps.

Step 1:-

The first step towards making these DIY test tube vases is to drill the holes in the wooden block for holding your test tubes. We evenly placed these 3 holes but you can adjust them on an even a smaller piece of the block for holding a single test tube vase.

Step 2:-

If you are making use of a new piece of wood, then you are going to need to stain it. we chose the dark stain. We applied that dark stain as per the instructions of the package it came in.

Step 3:-

Now the rest of the step is to assemble these test tubes in the wooden block with holes. After that plant in the flowers in your test tube and Viola, your Test Tube vases are ready to be placed in your living room.


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