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DIY Thermos-style carafe

All of you might need something to drink water from by your bedside at night. But if you are somebody who has a pet cat around the house you surely would know as to how these cats love to be humans and drink from that water.

That is not the problem here because even if they do not drink water from the glass or throw it off the table; they still might leave fur inside it. This is why thermoses are the only way to go. But what we give to you is more than a thermos. It is a DIY recycled thermos-style carafe. This DIY thermos-style carafe is not only free of cost but you can also make them easily in your house with the recycled items.




You will need these following supplies for making the DIY thermos-style carafe.

  • Old jars and bottles, we recommend using the jam jars and juice bottles and also chose the ones that have wide jars with the diameter the same as the mug and a wider mouth.
  • Thick paper
  • Fabric glue
  • Rubber cement
  • Scissors
  • Velcro tabs
  • Ceramic mugs
  • Embroidered patches


Step 1:-

Before starting any of the DIY projects, first thing first, clean up the jars and bottles thoroughly by washing them with hot water and removing all the labels.

Step 2:-

Measure the Manila paper for creating the even sleeve around your bottle that goes from its bottom and stop right at the spot where the jars or bottle starts to taper at the top. It will look a little bit like a paper cozy. Allow for half an inch of overlap.

Step 3:-

Cut one piece of the plaid fabric which is the same exact size as the Manila paper sleeve.

Step 4:-

Embroider or simply add the Velcro patch or the sticker on the plaid fabric.

Step 5:-

Glue the fabric onto the manila sleeve and use the book edge for keeping the wrinkles all smooth and plain. Let the glue dry up like this for some time.

Step 6:-

Now simply glue the thermos sleeve onto your bottle. In case you want to keep the sleeve and need to switch the bottle once in a while, attach the Velcro tabs on the ends of the sleeve and wrap this sleeve around the bottle tightly and secure it fit.

Step 7:-

Now cap the bottle with the mug of your choice and there you have it, your DIY thermos-style carafe is ready.


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