DIY Trick-Or-Treat Halloween Candy Buckets

One thing you need to get ready for the Halloween is none other than those Halloween candy buckets. If you go to a store to buy one then you are going to be a little disappointed with all of them seeming a little generic. It is really hard to find yourself a bucket that matches the style of your costume. Well, do not worry anymore about this as we have come up with DIY painted trick-or-treat Halloween candy buckets for you. We simply took the little ordinary plastic buckets and then turn them into a completely different thing which is unique.

So what are you waiting for, go down the store and buy the materials needed to make these DIY trick-or-treat Halloween candy buckets?




Materials needed for these DIY trick-or-treat Halloween candy buckets are as follows.

  • Black vinyl or you can also go for letter stickers
  • Paper cutter in case you are using the black vinyl
  • Trick-or-treat buckets
  • Spray paint which can be used on the plastic; a few different colors would be nice.


Follow the down below instructions to turn your store-bought trick-or-treat Halloween candy buckets into super cool ones.

Step 1:-

First, take off the handle of the buckets and place them on the side. In case you need to paint these bucket handles as well, keep them attached.


Step 2:-

Be sure to use the spray paint in space which is well ventilated. Spray paint the entire bucket with the color of your choice on all of its sides. Be sure to do a few coats of the paint to thoroughly let the paint stick.  Also, allow for each coat to dry up before applying the next one. 2 coats of paints should be fine for any ordinary plastic bucket.


Step 3:-

After the paint on the buckets is dried up, attach the handles if you have removed them earlier.


Step 4:-

This step is not for those who are using those pre-cut letter stickers. This is for those who are using the vinyl sheet. Create a line with the phrase of your choosing and then cut it out with the help of paper cutter carefully.


Step 5:-

Place these vinyl stickers over the bucket right in the center and be sure to align them all. Press these stickers down firmly to be sure that these letters are stuck down perfectly.


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