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DIY vintage tin candles

If you are someone that has a habit of often visiting the thrift stores or the garage sales in your locale, then you might have come across those vintage tins. These vintage tins are really great looking that can not only be used as small storage but can also come in handy for wrapping small unconventional gifts. Well, we have another use for these vintage tins and that will be elaborated fully in our DIY project named DIY vintage tin candles.

These vintage tins are a good replacement for those traditional ceramic or glass containers and will give a nice aroma to your kitchen or your living room.

While there are various candle making processes out there for making these vintage tin candles, we went ahead with a simple and fairly easy method such as buying the affordable scented candles.




Following are the supplies needed to make the DIY vintage Tin candles.

  • Metal tins
  • Candle wax
  • Candle wicks
  • The tin base for the candle wicks
  • Double boiler
  • Wooden chopsticks
  • A book on candle making


Step 1:-

If the candle wicks you are using are not waxed initially, coat these wicks with a thin layer of the wax. Melt the small amount of the candle wax in the boiler’s top section. Place your un-waxed candle wicks in this melted wax and then coat them. Afterward, remove these wicks from the boiler and let the wax harden up.

Step 2:-

Now prepare the tins by first cleaning them thoroughly.  Add your tin base to the waxed wicks and then place them inside these metal tins. Dab some of the melted wax on the lower end of the tin base will allow for the wick to be held in its place. Use the skewer for stretching over your metal tin and then wrap up the wicks around a skewer for holding them in place.


Step 3:-

Melt as much candle wax as you deem fit for your vintage tin candle. Different types of candle waxes have their own different melting points. Wax does not boil but it is highly flammable. Take every necessary precaution while melting the candle wax. We used the standard scented candles and then melted them.


Step 4:-

Once the wax is fully melted, put this wax into your vintage tins. If the top of the candle does not dry up smoothly, this is a sign that there are air bubbles in the candle wax. Use the wooden skewer for poking down your vintage tin candle for releasing any trapped air bubbles. Add the melted wax on the top for creating a smooth wax finish.


Step 5:-

Let the candle wax harden up for about 1 whole day. Trim any of the excess wick and there it is; your vintage tin candle is ready. Light it up and place it during your romantic dinner dates or simply on the family dinner parties to add to the aroma of the environment.


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