DIY watercolor technique with salt &coffee

For anyone of you who have started painting, you might have worked your way to the watercolors. The reason that most people rush to the watercolors for their painting action is that the watercolor techniques are able to create stunning effects just like a real painter.

Taking this into account, we have come up with an amazing watercolor technique which is the DIY watercolor technique with salt& coffee. This DIY watercolor technique adds a really cool visual effect on your painting.


Materials required for doing the DIY watercolor technique with salt& coffee are as follows.

  • some fresh espresso
  • cobalt blue watercolor
  • 140wt cold[press paper for watercolor paints
  • Watercolor brushes; one needs to be wide and the other one needs to be thin for fine strokes
  • White-colored drafting paper
  • Pencil
  • Water
  • Sea salt
  • Masking tape
  • Pen with brown ink
  • Tracing paper


Step 1:-

First, make two Americanos; one you need to drink before starting the project and the other to work on the project. You can also use the strongly brewed coffee or tea.

Step 2:-

As one cup of the Espresso cools down, start assembling all the other materials. You are going to need 1 cup of water and add in it 2 pinches of sea salt. Rule the paper to 8*10 inches and the tape its edges with the painter’s tape.

Step 3:-

Now start painting the part of a paper with the Espresso while alternating some brush strokes with pure water. It is not a problem if there are little puddles because this is where you will add the salt and it is going to absorb this additional water. Still, go slow on adding the watermarks as per shown in the figure down below.

Step 4:-

As the part you have just painted with Espresso is moist, sprinkle on it some salt.

Step 5:-

Coniine sprinkling the salt crystals until the entirety of the paper is covered with it.

Step 6:-

Let the paper with salt and coffee dry for the night. These salt crystals are going to absorb the coffee liquid around them while creating the variations in the color of the paper. This is going to give your paper a feel of the antique-looking map. This technique works great for making any paper have a look of aged paper as well as to pre-print the paper for a map.

Step 7:-

Now take a print of anything you like on a piece of paper and then sketch it lightly over this paper. As for the stray pencil marks on the mark, do not worry about hem because they can be removed easily with a white eraser.

Step 8:-

Fill in the parts of the sketch with appropriate watercolors.

Step 9:-

Now sign your picture and then frame it. Place it in your house on any wall or you can also gift it to your friends.

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