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DIY Wax Paper Candleholders

If you happen to live in a dorm then you might be aware of the rules that are set out by the Rs of the dorm about the things that are banned in the dorms. Rules like these often ban things like thumbtacks, hotplates, candles, and toasters. While one can mourne about not having a toast in the morning, the rules about banning things that can burn down a building are still plausible. Still, there are many dorm friendly options for such cases. Even if you live in an accommodation that prevents the use of the fiery items, you can still enjoy the pleasant glow of the candles in your dorm room but it has to be an electric candle.

In order to create some cheap candleholders for your electronic tea lights, we bring to you a simple Dorm DIY idea and it is to create the DIY Wax paper Candleholders. It is super easy to make and to help you we have laid down it in simple 5 steps.




To make these wax paper Candleholders, you will need the following supplies.

  • Wax Paper
  • Electronic Tea lights; do not use the real candles because they might burn through the wax to cause a disaster.
  • Masking tape: optional to keep the whole thing held together after it is completed


Step 1:-

Take the wax paper roll and tear out a strip of it from this roll. The length of the wax paper strip should be 1 foot. You can also vary this length as per the height you want for your Candleholder.


Step 2:-

The next step is to bring the folded section of the wax paper to at least half an inch beneath where the bottom is left o the sheet in the previous step.


Step 3:-

Repeat the previous step 2 for making the next fold.


Step 4:-

With the layers being folded and facing in outward direction, create a shape of a cylinder by bringing all the sides of the wax paper to each other and next one of the ends within the whole wax paper.


Step 5:-

Now simply place one of the electronic tea lights inside this wax paper candleholder and turn the light on. make as much of these candleholders as you want.


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