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DIY wicker plate stools

Have you seen those tiny stools? Well, we love them but what more is cuter than them are the wicker plate stools which look even cuter and cool addition to the décor of your living room. Well, we happen to have the whole recipe for making these wicker plate stools in our today’s DIY wicker plate stools project.




Supplies, one needs to make these DIY wicker plate stools are as follows.

  • Woven wicker plates of 8 to 12 inches diameter
  • Wood circles that can fit inside these wicket plates
  • Dowels of 1.5 inches diameter
  • Wood glue
  • 1 ½ inches nails
  • Hammer
  • Saw
  • Orbital sander


Step 1:-

Match the wooden circles with your wicker plates and the circle should fit perfectly inside as well as perfectly fill most of the wicker tray. It must not come out to the edge of the wooden circle. When buying the wicker plates, look for one that does not have any edges which will ensure that the wooden circle is hidden well when the stool is left upright.


Step 2:-

Determine the length for your stool’s legs which can be done by holding the wicker plate upside down on a floor and then making a guess on how tall the stool must be. The height of the 2 stools is going to match with the diameter of the wicker plate roughly the same. So the diameter of our wicker plate is 8 inches with 8 inches tall legs while the larger plate is of 11 inches diameter with legs of 12 inches height. Cut the dowels to these lengths and then use the sander for sanding down ends for all 3 dowels.


Step 3:-

After all the 3 doles are sanded, cut the other unsanded end of the dowel at an angle of 15 degrees. For this use, the compound miter saw which will do this job perfectly.


Step 4:-

Take the wooden disc and measure its circumference and mark it in the thirds. Measure this wooden disc again and also mark for the center of this wooden disc and draw the lines from the 3rd mark to the center mark.

Measure 2 inches of those lines out from the center and make another mark. This will ensure that all of the legs have been placed in symmetry. For reference, see the figure below.


Step 5:-

Place a generous amount of wood glue on the angled cut ends of the wooden dowels and place them on the backside of your wooden disc firmly in a way that they are angling outward from the disc’s center.

You can use the masking tape to hold these dowels in place as the glue sets in.


Step 6:-

After 10 minutes legs will have set in place and then flip the stool over. Position a nail on the center of the legs beneath the wooden disc and hammer the nails one by one through all of the legs.


Step 7:-

Now spread a spiral of the wood glue on the inside of the wicker plate and place it over the stool and press it firmly onto the wooden disc. Let it sit aside and also place some heavy books over it so the glue can set in quickly and evenly. Clean away any leaking glue by scraping them off with a dampened rag.


This is it, your wicker plate stool is ready and now you can make as many of them as you like. Use them in your living room, your study or den. You can also gift them to your loved ones as well.


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