DIY Window Films

Today we present to you a unique type of DIY project which sis till really easy to make. The name for our little project is DIY Painted Window Films. One of the greatest tools among the home painting equipment is the paint pen. Over the years, many improvements have been made in their designs and the latest painting pens provide for a fluid line to paint and are also great for drawing.

Our project of painted window films made use of these paint pens. The great thing about our project of painted window films is that they are not only going to provide a little privacy but at the same time will be lit. To achieve this, we made use of the White paint pen and the contact paper that led to the development of these decorative window films.

All you need to do for aiming these painted window films is to first draw an image or the text of your choosing on a paper and then tracing it onto the contact paper.



Not much is required to make the painted window films but whatever is required is easily obtainable.

  • A clear Contact Paper which will be used for lining the drawers. They can be bought easily at any hardware store.
  • A ruler
  • A pair of scissors or an X-Acto knife
  • Paint pen
  • Tape


This painted window film DIY project is not going to take much of your time and with the help of the following step by step instructions, the whole process will be smooth.

Step 1:-

First thing is to measure the dimensions of the window panes with the ruler.

Step 2:-

Mark these measured dimensions on your contact paper and cut it out in a rectangular form. To make better cuttings, we recommend the use of the ruler with an X-Acto knife.

Step 3:-

With the white paper side of the contact paper facing downward, tape your rectangle paper down on its edges. This will ensure that you are painting on the contact paper’s non-sticky side.

Step 4:-

With the help of the paint pen, draw the design of your choosing on this piece of contact paper.

Step 5:-

Let the painted design dry which will take only about ten minutes.

Step 6:-

Now carefully peel off the paperback from the film’s top and place it carefully over the window pane. Now while slowly pulling down also smooth down the contact paper with another piece of paper. This is it; your painted window film is ready.


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