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DIY wood bud dish for vase and salt

If anyone of you happens to have some old fashioned apothecary styled glass bottles lying around in your house, it is a great thing. You can use them to create a little flower vessel for the centerpiece of the table. You can also add a salt cellar as well. The project is the DIY wood bud dish for base and salt.


The DIY wood bud for vase and slat is going to work best if you are in possession of all the right tools needed for making it. Below are the materials and tools required for making this project come true.

  • Belt Sander which has a heavy grit paper
  • Palm or orbital sander which has fine grit paper
  • Drill press
  • Forstner bit
  • OSMO Finish
  • Soft Cloths


Follow the down below instructions to complete the DIY wood bud dish for vase and salt. To help you complete the process smoothly, we have added in the helpful step by step pictures as well.

Step 1:-

First, take a block of hard wood and then start sanding it on a belt sander. A palm sander can also be used but will take longer. Make sure that all the surfaces of the wooden block are smooth and flat. Try to sand the wooden block with a 60-80 grit paper to achieve the desired shape for your wood bud dish.

Step 2:-

We used a lathe to cut out a cellar in the wooden block but if you don’t have one, you can do it by using the hand tools or even by carefully drilling the surface. In case you are using the lathe, use it at the lowest speed because the carving process is not centered so the block is going to wobble at times.

Step 3:-

After having the cut out of a cellar shape, sand the area. After that, we used the drill press and the Forstner bit for cutting the holes for vessels. Take measurement of your vessel and then cut a hole which is slightly bigger. As for the depth of the vessels, you can decide it for yourself. If you happen to be using the hand drill and the Forstner bit, be careful because they can be a little problematic to handle.

Step 4:-

After you have made all the holes and cuts, sand the surface once more to give it a nice feel. For this sanding process, we used the grits from 120, 180, 260 and the 320 and to make it incredibly smooth we fished the sanding with 400 grit paper. The end result will leave a lot of fine sawdust on your wood bud so clean it well with a cloth.

Step 5:-

After sanding is done, apply a little wood finish on it. As you are going to use it for dining purposes, make sure to use the food-safe wood finish. For this, we recommend using the OSMO which is made from vegetable waxes and oils.  After applying the OSMO, let it dry for about 12 hours.

Step 6:-

After the finish is dried, buff it down for extra shine.

Step 7:-

Now lay some salt in the dish part and then add in those small apothecary bottles and place some small twigs in them.

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