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DIY Wooden Pencil Block

While the writing might seem like a thing of past with all the cool gadgets and the nifty apps to record your writings, there are still some who prefer it the old fashioned way. For those of you who love to write with real pens and pencils, we give to you a DIY wooden pencil block project. This embellished wooden pencil block will be able to hold all of your stationery neatly and in a beautiful way.




Supplies needed for making the embellished wooden pencil block are as follows.

  • A wooden block of 4*6*6 inches
  • Drill and a ¼ inch boring bit
  • Power sander
  • Sandpaper
  • Brass escutcheon pins: 2 boxes
  • Wired brad of #18*5/8 inches: 1 box
  • Hammer
  • Waterproof polyurethane
  • Paintbrush
  • Clamp


Step 1:-

If the lumber was not already cut, use the saw to cut it in 6 inches length of 4*6 inches board. Sand this board to remove any tough ends but do not sand it fully. Clamp this piece on a stable surface and mark for the place where the cubby holes are going to be. We alternated with a row of 4, 3 and 4. Be careful to leave the 1-inch border on each side. Use the drill for making guiding holes.


Step 2:-

Swap the drill bit with the ¼ inch boring bit and start drilling holes 3 inches deep in the wood at each of the earlier marked areas.


Step 3:-

After all of the holes have been drilled, sand the entire piece down with many rounds of grits; coarse, medium, and fine. Go on to sand with an even fine sanding grit to have a smoother finish.


Step 4:-

Turn your wooden pencil block upside down to remove any sawdust from these drilled holes and use the sandpaper to smooth their tops.


Step 5:-

Once the entire wooden pencil block is sanded, take a cloth to remove any dust off of it. With this, you will be left with a great wooden pencil block. For having a simple wooden pencil block, only apply a clear sealant and be done with it.


We went ahead with a little embellishment on ours by drawing a nail pattern over it. for this, draw light nail patter over the wooden pencil block and hammer the small nails on the pattern’s outlines.

We also used the escutcheon pins as well as silver wire brads for a mixed-metal appearance.


Step 6:-

After the nail design is done, stain the wooden pencil block or apply a coat of a sealant. We stained ours with a water-based oak stain and then sealed the entire wooden pencil block in waterproof polyurethane. Now let the entire wooden pencil block dry for the night.


In the morning your embellished wooden pencil block will be ready for either your personal use or wrap it to gift someone like you.


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