DIY Wooden Wax Seal

How many of you write letters in this modern age? Perhaps not most of you but for those who write them, do you wish that you could put on those fancy wooden wax seals to close the letters that you often see in movies?  Well, who does not, it makes these letters seem as if they are a royal decree.

Well, as it happens to be it is not that difficult to make those wooden wax seals for your letter. To help our readers make these wooden wax seals. we present to you the DIY Wooden Wax seal project.




Materials needed for the DIY Wooden wax seal project are not that hard to find and can be bought from any craft store with ease. These materials needed for the project are as follows.

  • A wooden dowel
  • A wood-burning tool which has a fine tip
  • Pencil
  • A printout design
  • X-Acto knife
  • Sandpaper
  • Old rag
  • Tape
  • Stain
  • Vegetable oil
  • Paper towels
  • Sealing wax
  • Matches


Follow the down below steps to complete the DIY wooden wax seal project easily. For your whole DIYing process, we have also added helpful pictures.

Step 1:-

Start by prepping the dowel as you sand its end with the help of sandpaper. Try to better get those little scratches and dings out carefully or they are going to appear in the wooden wax seal.


Step 2:-

Now you need to measure the diameter of the dowel for designing the wooden wax seal. For those of you who plan to design a simple monogram, you can create one on the computer. Start designing the monogram by making a circle of the exact diameter as the dowel and with really thin strokes. Now arrange the letters inside this circle. Be sure to keep the details of your seal simple if you do not have much experience in doing fine carving experience on wood.

Step 3:-

Print this design out and then cut it off the paper with X-Acto Knife. This is a step that is for making the stencil and it does not need to be perfect. You only need to cut out the design from the paper in its entirety.


Step 4:-

Flip the paper backward so that the words on it are in backwards and carefully trace it with pencil on the dowel. The design on the wooden seal needs to be in the backward direction so when you press the seal it reads correctly. Tape the design paper on the dowel and trace it. After tracing it, take the paper off and then dill the design with the pencil to darken it.


Step 5:-

Now take the wood-burning tool which has a fine tip. This will be needed to capture that fine detail of the previously traced deign. While carving out the design, be sure to keep the depth of the entire design even. This will make up for the wax seal impression to be smooth.


Step 6:-

As wood happens to be porous, so to avoid the wax from sticking to it, you need to seal this wooden dowel with stain. After staining it, place it overnight to dry up completely.


Step 7:-

Now gather your stuff like sealing wax, oil, paper towels, and the envelope. Now carefully burn the wax seal and then put it on the dowel to take an impression of your design on a paper. Proper sealing wax is required to fully close the envelopes.

Step 8:-

If the flap of the envelope that you wish to seal is not pressing down, then use a weight to lay it down.


Step 9:-

Now carefully take the proper sealing wax and put it over a candle flame. Once it forms a small puddle-like drop, place it over the flap of the envelope you need to close. You need to have a few tries before knowing to exactly how much wax seal is required for closing the envelopes.

Step 10:-

In the meantime, the wax seal sets up, prep your wooden seal by dipping it in the oil. This will act as a protection to prevent the wax from sticking to the seal. Dab the excess oil on a paper towel and also clean off the edges.


Step 11:-

Now press the wooden seal tightly over the wax and only remove it when you are sure it is dry. Wiggle the wooden seal gently until you feel it coming off the dried up wax.


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