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DIY Wreath made of Boxes

We all know as to how some small boxes and twine can make up for great gift boxes, but who says that same thing cannot be applied or making wreaths?  Today we bring to you the DIY Wreath made of boxes. The little white and black gives a modern square-shaped Christmas wreath that you want to have to worry about going bad the entire holiday season.

The great thing about this wreath made of boxes is that it can fit inside any home decoration well and is practically inexpensive.




Supplies you will need for this wreath made of boxes are as follows.

  • The flat surface square wood frame of 12*12 inches dimensions
  • White-colored square boxes of 3.5*3.5 inches dimensions: 28
  • Twine of black color
  • Glue gun


As we said earlier, creating this wreath made of boxes is really simple and even a novice can do it. It is only going to take a little over half an hour to complete. For an easier DIY process, we have laid down step by step instructions along with helpful work pictures.

Step 1:-

Flip your wood frame over and remove the backing.  With pliers, carefully removed the metal tabs off of frame’s back that is normally used for keeping the picture in place. Discard these metal tabs as they won’t serve any purpose in making this wreath of boxes.


Step 2:-

Tie each of these boxes with some strong and then tie a little bow on the top.

A bonus here is that if you do not have proficiency in tying bows, then after doing it 28 times, you are going to be a master at this.


Step 3:-

Place your wood frame with metal tabs face up and be sure that its hanging hardware on its back is on the top side. Lay out all of the tied boxes over the top this frame with 5 being on each side while trying to make a perfect square.

Pour wood frame allowed for boxes to be fit on it perfectly when we lined the boxes on the top of the inside edge of the frame. Glue down each box in its place by applying some hot glue and press the box gently for a few seconds until the glue dries up. Work on each side of the frame square and then tackle the corners.


Step 4:-

After the first layer of boxes on each side of the frame is done, make another layer but this time, it will be 4 squares for each side of the frame but place them over the top half of the first layer of boxes as shown in the figure below. Secure them in place with the glue.

Let the glue dry up and then hag this wreath made of boxes anywhere you like inside the house. Your guests are surely going to be impressed with your modern take on making a wreath.


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