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This is How To Use Orange Peels In Different Ways

Most of us happen to throw away the orange peels after eating the pulp underneath these peels because we do not find it useful for any other purpose; right? Well as it turned out, you cannot be more wrong.

There are several amazing things that one can do with these Orange peels and today we decided to tell you how to use the orange peels in different ways.

Cooking with Orange Peels:-

There are actually many different types of ingredients that require the use of Citrus peels and one of them is the orange peel. The skin of the orange is so flavorful and fragrant that it can be used in a variety of different dishes that can range from sweet to savory. It is also good to be sued in cooking fish because it helps to lessen the scent of fish.

Cleaning with orange peels:-

Whenever you try to make the cleaning supplies at home like the Vinegar Water Mixture then try to soak the orange peels in the plain vinegar solution for a few days, this will allow for the fragrance of the orange peels to be added in the overall vinegar and mask that pungent smell.

Natural air freshener and a humidifier for Stove Top:-

In order to use the orange peels as the natural air fresheners and humidifiers for the stove-top, you need to follow these steps.

  • Heat up a bowl of water.
  • Add in the orange peels in this boiling water along with the cloves and cinnamon.

Place this mixture in your kitchen and it will act as a natural air freshener as well as a humidifier to help make your kitchen smell great.

Repellent for cats:-

If you want any particular part of the house or things like plants to be free from the intrusion of cats then you need to surround these areas or things with orange peels.  Felines have a sharp sense of smell which does not sit well with the strong scent of citrus.

Fire Starter:-

Orange peels tend to be highly flammable so they make up for being a good kindler or a fire starter.

Deodorizing garbage:-

Are you frustrated with the smell of your garbage disposal but can’t seem to think of anything to help it? Then you need to simply throw in some orange peels in the garbage disposal and simply turn it on. Now your garbage disposal will be deodorized. You can also simply throw in the orange peels in the trash can to mask the smell of the other garbage.

Bug repellent:-

Orange peels are also used as a bug repellent and some people even rub these peels on their bare skin to work as the natural bug repellent. If you have lots of ants and mosquitoes in your house, then simply place a few of these orange peels in the heavily infested areas and the area will soon be cleared from these insects.

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